Gem Professor

WEC ProTT-EZ Raman is a dual-wavelength Raman instrument that combines NIR and Visible excitation lasers in one portable package, which is suitable for laboratory and field analysis, and can be applied to various types of the detected specimens. It features the best performance in measuring probe, which can acquire both Raman signals and florescence signals with the excellent signal-to-noise rate in a limited time, and can be used for database searching and analyzing.

Gem Professor (WEC Raman)
Excitation Source
Wavelenghth 785nm/ 532nm Laser
Output Power < 350mw/ < 200mw
Power Stability < 5%/ < 5%
Detector Type Response Enhanced Linear CCD Array
Detector Pixel Format 2048 x 1 Elements
Pixel Resolution ~2 cm-1 Per Pixel/ ~3 cm-1 Per Pixel
Camera System Optional
System Software
Control & Data Collection
Database Search
Operating Temp. Room Temperature
Dimension W170xD370xH390mm
Working Voltage 100~240v
Warranty 1 Year
Optional Part Computer

• Laser wavelength: 785/532nm
• Diamond/ Simulants
• Gem stone (Emerald, Spinel…)
• Find signs of treatment
• Advanced user/ Laboratory
• Database upgradeable
• Can build your own database
• Optional camera module for inclusion observation