Single Wire Cuting M/C

Single Wire Cuting M/C

Single Wire Cuting M/C

WEC has developed μSWS-1600 single-wire saw machine suitable for front and end truncation of mono/polycrystalline silicon and sapphire ingots. By matching this equipment with MDWEC diamond-coated saw wire and corresponding cutting technology, the productivity with high precision can be maximized.


Able to truncate large, irregularly –shaped, hard and brittle materials such as silicon crystal, quartz, ceramics, sapphire, glass, gallium arsenide, and so on.


Item(Model No.) uSWS-1600
Workpiece Dimension Max. 600(H)X 600(W)X 400(D)
Wire Running Speed Max. 800 m/min
Wire Guide Ø163 mm
Number of Wire Guides 6 sets
Rocking degree 0~+/-3
Z Table Stroke 780mm
Z In Feed Rate 0.01~150mm/min
Wire Diameter Ø0.15~0.35 mm
Wire Tension Max. 60N or Less
Volume of The Tank 100L
Installation Dimension 2620(H) X 1700(W) X 1050(D)
Machine Weight 2500KG


    Compared with conventional process (free abrasives), using MDWEC diamond-coated saw wires can tremendously shortened 50% working time and reduce waste from lapping or polishing, reduce environmental pollution, increase equipment and component-usage life. Running costs also can be lowered significantly due to advantages listed in this section above.

    • Single diamond-saw-wire
    • Direction of wire travel reciprocally
    • High wire-speed design with adjustable parameters
    • Rocking option available to improve efficiency and surface finishing
    • Optional module of the sawing parameters
    • PLC program control
    • High quality- excellent finished surface and thickness control.
    • High speed-matching MDWEC diamond-coated wire up with this single wire saw machine (μSWS-series) means shorten cutting time by 50%.
    • High compatibility- available for slicing brittle & hard material, a common working-platform design.
    • High efficiency-low kerf-loss, reduce lapping & polishing time (next stage).
    • High humanization- has an user-friendly computer-interfaced system , easy to operate and maintain, long consumable life,simple consumable replacement, and easy to acquire spare parts.