Double Side Polishing M/C


Double Side Polishing M/C

Feature rotary models with sophisticated control systems. This model is capable of executing complex lapping and polishing routines process while producing precise and repeatable results with a special auto-facing unit to control plate performance.


• Sapphire Substrate / Wafer
• Semiconductor Wafer
• Tungsten Carbide Parts
• Ceramic Parts
• Valves
• Crystal Glass
• Oscillator Parts



Polishing plate Plate material Oxygen free Cu , Resin-Cu Oxygen free Cu
Or Tin plate (*option) or Tin plate(*option)
Plate size Φ910mm Φ1240mm
Revolution control By inverter. Home position.
Plate cooling Cooling water jacket Cooling water jacket
Pressure plate P. Plate 4 axles. 4 axles.
(driving force system individually)
Block size 360mmΦ 485mmΦ
Applied pressure By cylinder By cylinder
Work block - Auto Centering
Facing unit Mounting type. Square type.
Capacity / batch 4 inch wafer x 24 Pcs 4 inch wafer x 40 Pcs
6 inch wafer x 12 Pcs 6 inch wafer x 24 Pcs
Utility Electricity AC220V, 3Phase, 60Hz AC220V, 3Phase, 60Hz
Pneumatic 0.5~0.8 Mpa 0.5~0.8 Mpa
Etc Machine Size 1350 *2250 *1920 mm 1640 *3029 *2575 mm
Machine Weight 3,500Kg. 5,500Kg.
Controller Touch Screen (Proface) Touch Screen (Proface)
Signal lamp with alarm