Development of diamond seed with large size 20x20mm.
Successfully growing Colorless & high quality diamonds.
Developed Cutting/Polishing foundries for various types of hard and brittle materials with thinning request, such as Phosphor in Glass (PIG), silicon carbide, silicon, quartz, AlSiC, germanium Ge, engineering plastics ...
Development of Life Diamond with process and products.
Successfully grown brown/fancy color CVD diamonds.
Developed Raman spectrum device for detect diamond type (natural / laboratory / enhanced) & identify the purity & strength for diamond powder (micron size).
Development of MPCVD (microwave plasma chemical vapor deposition) equipment.
Developed CVD monocrystalline diamond growth technical & process.
Established subsidiary "Alishan Diamond Technology Corp."
Transfer Diamond wire technical & manufacture to China.
Developed cutting/grinding/polishing processes for Silicon Carbide SiC crystal.
Developed Sapphire Touch Screen, Diamond Grinding Rods, Silicon Carbide (SiC) Cutting, Grinding, Polishing Process and Supplies and Large Single Crystal Diamond.
ISO-9001 Certification
Development of equipment, consumables and process for Sapphire & Glass Touch Screen
Development of Liquid Wax Mounter, Sapphire squaring with diamond wire (AnyCut®)
Development of High Temperature Liquid Wax, UV glue, Coolant for diamond wire sawing, Lapping oil (LapOil®) for free abrasives lapping.
Development of blue steel Carrier (Adam Steel®), Wafer fixable pad without wax (FixPad®)
Development of diamond pad (dPad®) can replace the traditional grinding, lapping & polishing with free abrasives.
Development of high efficiency polishing pad (hPad®) and high efficiency CMP slurry (dCMP®) to replace the traditional CMP process.
Development of Fix Abrasives Single/Double side grinding & polishing machine (Padsanity®) combine with diamond pad (dPad®).
Development of plated nickel (Ni), copper (Cu), titanium (Ti), cobalt (Co) and other composite plating process onto diamond powder surface.
Development of Mono-Like-Poly Diamond Powder Process (JBC®)
Completed The Development Of Diamond-Coated Wires (Resin-Based) And The Building Of The Production Lines.
Developed Single-Wire Saw, Si-Wafer Separator, And Solid-Liquid Separation System (Known As G-Power).
Agency For TOYO Multi-Wire Saw (Japanese Made).
Completed 4" & 6" LED Sapphire Substrate Processing Integrations And Solutions.
Built Factory Jhongli-1 To Expand Diamond-Coated Wire Capacity, Selling Diamond-Coated Wires To China, Japan, Korea, And So On.
Improved Market Shares For The Sale Of LED-Chip Backside-Thinning Process.
Developed Gigabond Epoxy Adhesives (AB-Glue).
Developed The First Fully Automatic Sapphire-Chip Wax Debonder In The World.
Became The 4th In The World, 1st In Taiwan And China To Massively Produce Diamond Wires.
Developed Multi-Wire Saw Machine.
Developed Sapphire Substrate Process, Equipment, And Consumable.
Leading The Industry, Developed LED-Chip Thinning (10-Pc At Once) Equipment And Process, And Fully-Automatic Wax Bonder.
Developed Free Abrasive Material (Silicon Carbide) For Wire Saw And Recycling System.
Established Micron Diamond Wire & Equipment Co., Ltd. (MDWEC) To Develop Diamond Coated Wire, Wire Saw Equipment, And Related Consumable.
Developed LED-Chip Thinning Process And Equipment (8-Pc At Once).
Developed DOG® Dressing-Free Abrasive Wheels (First In The World To Grind Sapphire Wafers Without Dressing The Abrasive Wheels). Developed LED-Chip Thinning Process (5-Pc At Once) And Automatic Chip Vacuum Wax- Bonder.
Developed LED-Chip Thinning Process, Equipment, And Related Consumable.
Developed CBN Abrasive Material And Introduce This Material Into LED-Substrate Process.
Developed Nanocrystalline Diamond Related Material And Introduced It Into Hard-Disk Texturing Process.
Distributed Abrasive Material For Major Manufacturers In The World: Saint-Gobain, Amplex, And Engis
Development micron diamond material and successfully import process of hard disk organization processing technology.
Agent Microdiamant polycrystalline diamond products.
Developed Abrasive Power (SiC, B4C, Al2O3, CeO2) and Processing Technology of Dressing, Drilling, Lapping and Polishing Process.
Developed Applications For The Use Of Natural Industrial Diamond, Synthetic Diamond, And CBN.
Agency For Products From Warren Diamond Powder Inc. (USA).