Quality Policy

Research and development of innovative, Reliable quality,Continuous improvement & Service supreme

WEC Group and subsidiaries has always been founded on the best quality, customer first principle, strict control of product quality and attention to quality improvement activities, the implementation of 5S activities, rationalization, automation, efficient activity, more committed to establish the international standards ISO 9001:2008. Improve customer reliability of products and practice company philosophy, and look forward to the requirements of quality and service to meet customer needs through a quality assurance model.

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We import quality management and resource

  • WebISO(Document Management System)
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • EF (Easy Flow)
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
  • TQM (Total Quality Management)
  • DDVT ( Design and Development Verification Testing )
  • MVT ( Manufacturing Verification Testing )
  • CRT (Continuous Reliability Test)
  • SQEM (Supplier Quality Engineer Management)
  • FT (Function Testing)
  • QV (Quality Verification )
  • QC 7 Tools
  • Cp & Cpk

Valuable Instrument Center & Precision measuring instruments

WEC to spend valuable instrument and center was established in 2010, mainly for all kinds of abrasive applications in a variety of materials on the drilling, dressing, cutting, grinding, polishing, texturing & others processing of applications and the physical, chemical and various material analysis. For company Internal to integrated the company valuable equipment, manpower and resources within the Group to support research and development of various project materials developed detection analysis, quality control, customer service and anomaly analysis. For company external cooperate with science and research units to solve various common encounter incurable diseases. Effort to contribute to the WEC enhance the competitiveness of the products and for industrial upgrading.

Valuable Instrument Center offers the following testing instruments and analysis capabilities:

  • Analysis & instruments for the various abrasive powder particle size, shape, strength, purity, composition, magnetic, density ....
  • Various types of microscopes, physical optics, 3D, Polarizing microscope, Scanning electron microscope (SEM), Transmission electron microscopy (TEM)
  • The various of finished surface analysis, such as roughness, thickness, bowing, warping through by contact and non-contact measurement and statistics
  • Various of materials, crystal orientation measuring through by X-Ray, Raman spectroscopy, Fourier spectrum
  • Various of material hardness, stress, tension, thrust & other detectors
  • Other generalized physical and chemical characteristics of the measurement and analysis
  • [Experiment function] Single/Multi wire saws / single-sided, double-sided, chamfers of grinding, polishing machine / substrate & wafer bonding machine