Microwave Plasma Chemical Vapor Deposition

Laboratory Grown Diamond

Industrial Diamond

Industrial Application

Laboratory Grown Diamond


Welcome! This is WEC Superabrasives.

We specialize in sawing, grinding and polishing processes
As a diamond industry talent
With diamond as the core foundation of the enterprise
Dedicated to the research and development of cutting and polishing fine technology

Professional supply of all kinds of diamond materials

A variety of diamond and professional cutting and grinding materials
Perfect with WEC professional equipment
Keep your operation going
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Continuous innovation r & d and progress

24Years of professional skills and experience in the spirit of excellence
Over 30 successful development cases of high-tech equipment and materials
Moreover, we have developed ultrafine plating technology that surpasses the industry

Customized product specifications and services

Provide process planning for different enterprises
Design + drawing + assembly complete service
Service tentacles throughout 7 countries to implement local services

A human-oriented enterprise

The management idea that the enterprise culture of respecting people starts from the heart
And has various fields of professional talents and teams
Work together to create WEC enterprise value